Abu Garcia Black Max

​Our Verdict On The Abu Garcia Black Max Reel

After comparing the baitcasting and the spinning reel in the Abu Garcia Black Max series, we found the baitcaster to be better. Moreover, it was easy to see why some anglers, both beginners and professionals, call it the best entry-level baitcasting reel.

Perfect for use in both deep, shallow, fresh and saltwater, this reel is able to hold even your favorite 12 lbs line with ease. If robust construction, durability, ergonomic design, ease of use, are your selling points and that too at a low price then this reel is a match made in heaven for you.​

It is not without reason that Abu Garcia has received the honor of being named “Purveyor to the Royal Swedish Court”.

Competitors Of The Black Max Reels


​Our Rating

​Bottom line

​Latest Price

Abu Garcia Black Max

​Black Max Baitcasting Reel

4.4 stars

​World-class performance at an entry-level price

Abu Garcia Black Max

​Black Max Spinning Reel

​4.2 stars

​Performs with integrity without breaking your bank


​Alternative Options

Abu Garcia Black Max

​Pro Max Baitcasting Reel

​Not applicable for this article

​Tough, all skill levels can adapt to it, performs in need


​Silver Max Baitcasting Reel

​​Not applicable for this article

​An impressive buy as a beginner to moderate skill reel


​Kastking Spartacus Baitcasting Reel

​​​Not applicable for this article

​If you have some experience with baitcasters, this reel should be definitely tried

Abu Garcia Black Max

​Piscifun Torrent Baitcasting Reel

​​​​Not applicable for this article

​With a breeze like cast, it’s worth every penny

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​Before We Begin

​But as we see our technology becoming more and more advanced, and new manufacturers popping out their head with good products from time to time, (that are not only low cost but perform well too) the competition is rising. ​This results in companies being forced to produce even better products frequently.

​Abu Garcia, one of the most popular fishing gear brands in the world, has been doing the same for years now. ​And one of their most prized inventions is the Abu Garcia Black Max Low Profile Baitcast Reel. Simply put, they have redefined bass fishing altogether.

Having snatched it right out of the hands of the elite few, they’ve made bass fishing accessible to common anglers like most of us.​ In fact, this baitcasting reel is suitable for both the new and the seasoned anglers. ​This Abu Garcia Black Max Review presents to you both the baitcasting and spinning reel in a completely new light.


As mentioned earlier that out of the spinning and the basitcasting versions, we found the Abu Garcia Black Max Low Profile Baitcaster Reel to be a better choice. But if you are a spinner fan, by all means, go for the other one. ​Our angler readers have caught up to 5 lbs basses with the baitcaster reel and have been in control throughout the fight.

Further, it has a suitable winding power for techniques that aim at both deep and shallow water. ​Moreover, this reel was used in high winds during our tests and the line management and castability have been impressive, to say the least. Even for beginners, the simplicity of this reel​ allows you to learn about its operation quickly and easily.

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Of course, it wouldn’t be fair to compare it with some higher-end models of Abu Garcia like the Revo X or the Pro Max but the Abu Garcia Black Max has still made its mark. We feel this has been a long review and it is time to bring it to an end.

Hope we were able to make you aware about the immense power of the Black Max reel series and you would be adding them to your arsenal very soon. Till then, totsiens.

​Round vs Low Profile Baitcasting Reels

Abu Garcia Black Max

Feel Of The Reel

  • ​Low Profile
  • ​Round

With their primary gears on the side, sitting on the handle, we have a much better grip on the low profile baitcasters. Also due to the same reason, we get a slightly better grip on the rod. A low-profile reel is an awesome choice when we have to jig for basses or try buzzing a spinnerbait over a weed bed.

Line Capacity

  • ​Round
  • ​Low Profile

Round reels are a better choice in terms of line capacity. Most of the low-profile reels in the market are able to hold around 100 line yards. In comparison, round reels hold much more. This, of course, is dependent on its size and line weight.

When using heavier lines while going for big fishes like muskies, big pike, salmon, and catfish, anglers prefer to use round reels due to their line capacity.

Reel Power

  • ​​Low Profile
  • ​Round

A reel works due to its gears. And as we all know, baitcasters are known for their ability to catch big fishes. Whether it’s pulling out those basses from the weeds or that crankbait workout for long hours, we need the power of a low-profile reel.

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Want to work the bait? You need the gearing of a low profile reel. In contrast, round reels possess bigger gears. These are responsible for a solid connection and carry more power to winch in big fishes like salmons.

Speed Of The Reel

  • ​​Low Profile
  • ​Round

If you want to use baits along the lines of spinners, plugs, etc. you would be needing reels with a faster retrieve ratio. In such a scenario, going fast would be in the best interest of you and your reel.

Conversely, round reels with a slow retrieve ratio, bring in more line per turn. That is not bad. They are just meant for use in a different situation, like when and if we want to go with live baits or slow presentations.

​Casting Distance

  • ​Round
  • ​Low Profile

​Round baitcasting reels are hands-down winners here. Since we use large baits and long rods, the extra line capacity sends that bait flying far away into oblivion. However, both reels, need a thumb to the spool for controlling the line. ​A saving point for the low profile reels here is that they have more adjustments to help slow the spool.

This aids in mitigating a backlash because if a backlash does happen then it is tricky to untangle.

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Abu Garcia Black Max
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